1. Touch screen, the operation interface is intuitive and simple.
  2. Pressure beam Aluminum pressure beam provides high precision and excellent stiffness. The up and down of the beam is electric controlled for accurate positioning.
  3. Pre-milling unit High speed motors and high quality diamond cutters to ensure precise milling of panels.
  4. Glue pot Teflon coated glue pot, designed for EVA hot-melt glue.
  5. Pressure rollers One pre-pressure roller and four post rollers to press edge tape on work piece firmly.
  6. End trimming unit, the end trimming is quick and precise due to the linear rail and high speed motors.
  7. Rough trimming unit ,to trim out top and bottom excess edge, driven by powerful motors.
  8. Fine trimming unit, equipped with radius cutters, cutter position is adjustable with reading on numerical indicators.
  9. Corner trimming unit, high speed motors and linear rails to ensure precise corner trimming of the edge tape.
  10. Scraping unit, to scrap the edge by R2 cutters. Air-blast nozzles equipped for blowing scraps into the inlet of dust pipe immediately during operation,making edge banding more beautiful.
  11. Buffing unit, to polish the top and bottom edges.

Main technical data

Model NB7CJ
Panel length ≥120mm
Panel width ≥80mm
Panel thickness 10-30mm (pre-milling on) 10-60mm (pre-milling off)
Edge tape thickness 0.4-3mm
Feeding speed 12-22m/min
Power supply 415V; 50 Hz
Air pressure required 0.6 MPa
Total power 20 kW
Approx. weight 2460 kg
Overall dimension 7200*1450*1650 mm